Jewish Values: Meet Rebecca Series

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This entry in the Valuesfinder covers the initial set of six books about Rebecca, part of the popular American Girl series. Rebecca is described as "a girl with dramatic flair growing up in New York City" in 1914. Each of the books in the series follows an identical format: a repeated foreword about Jewish immigrant families of the era; an introduction to Rebecca’s Jewish family; the main story; a section entitled “Looking Back” which elaborates on a theme from the story and introduces the reader to an aspect of Jewish life in 1914; a glossary; and a “sneak peek” at the next book in the series. The stories are nicely illustrated with vintage photos and color drawings of the action and specific items as they occur in the story. In Meet Rebecca, the title character comes up with a clever way to raise money to bring her Russian cousins to America, and we learn about immigrant life in New York City. In Rebecca and Ana, Rebecca helps her cousin adjust to her new life, and we learn about school days in 1914. In Candlelight for Rebecca, Rebecca makes choices about Christmas decorations, and we learn about “Hanukah in 1914.” In Rebecca and the Movies, she celebrates her 10th birthday with a visit to a movie studio, during Passover, and we learn about the Jewish roots of the film business. In Rebecca to the Rescue, she demonstrates her bravery when the Ferris wheel breaks down at her brother’s bar mitzvah celebration at Coney Island, and we learn about seaside resorts in 1914. In Changes for Rebecca, our heroine visits the garment factory where her relatives toil, later accompanying workers in a labor demonstration, and we learn about strikes, unions, picket lines, and other ways workers fought for their rights. The stories are full of history lessons (sugar-coated and with occasionally unlikely adventures), very much in the tradition of Sydney Taylor’s classic All of a Kind Family books, as we get to know and love a Jewish girl with real emotions and authentic experiences. See a separate entry for Secrets at Camp Nokomis: A Rebecca Mystery, published in 2010.
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