Jewish Values: Search, The

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62 p.
Originally published in Dutch in 2007, A Family Secret and its sequel, The Search, tell overlapping stories of ordinary people during World War II. The Search picks up shortly after the friends are reunited, and this time Esther is the narrator. She describes how she went into hiding to elude capture by the Nazis after her parents were taken to a concentration camp. After the war, she immigrates to the United States. Decades later, with the help of her grandson, she tracks down an old family friend who is able to tell her the details of her parents’ last days in the concentration camp. Dutch artist Eric Heuvel uses pastel colors and a clear line style that has been compared to Tintin comics. The text is simplified for a younger audience. War is not glamorized in any way; neither the Nazis nor the victims are personalized. Because of the lack of violence, these two books would provide a good introduction to the topic for children as young as fifth grade.
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