Jewish Values: Chaverim Boys Choir Live!, The

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214 p.
The Chaverim Boys Choir is famous for its music and impressive showmanship. Onstage, the choir is a unified group, but the choir is made up of 25 boys, each with his own challenges. In this volume, the first in a planned series, Chaya Rosen presents the stories of 13 of the boys in the choir. While the choir’s activities provide a framework for the boys’ chapters, the book reads more like a series of connected vignettes than a novel. The boys are all from Orthodox families, and observance of mitzvot is a given. They face a wide variety of problems, including too much responsibility at home, stage fright, jealous siblings, and the death of a beloved grandparent. In each boy’s respective chapter, he learns that he can cope with anything when he has the support of family, friends, and the choir director, combined with his trust in Hashem. Recommended, especially for fans of boys choirs or those looking for a “kosher” novel featuring lots of male characters.
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