Jewish Values: T4

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New York
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109 p.
A free verse novel that reads like historical fiction, this is the story of thirteen-year old Paula Becker, who is deaf and living in 1939 Germany. She is offered a safe house by the local priest as rumors abound that the Germans are planning to take away all disabled people. Tiergartenstraase 4 (T4) is the Nazis headquarters that has orders to kill any mentally ill or disabled people. In the course of Paula’s escape, she meets a Jewish family who is also suffering as they hide, and realizes that children and adults with disabilities are not the only ones being persecuted. The novel presents an unusual point of view of the Holocaust, written by a published and talented poet who is deaf. It is also a sensitive story of coping strategies used by deaf children. A beautifully written book, it is recommended for middle school children because of the subject and the suffering endured by its characters.
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