Jewish Values: Diary of Laura's Twin, The

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202 p.
Laura is less than thrilled with the assignment given to her by her rabbi, three weeks before her bat mitzvah, to research the fate of a child who lived during the Holocaust. Busy with preparations, school, babysitting her young sister, and also feeling a lack of any personal connection to the Holocaust, she confides in her rabbi her reluctance to complete the assignment. While he sympathizes with Laura, he convinces her to meet with Mrs. Mandelcorn, an elderly woman whom he feels might give her a new perspective on the project. Mrs. Mandelcorn gives her a diary she translated from Polish of a young girl, Sara Gittler, who lived in the Warsaw ghetto. Captivated by Sara’s story, Laura gains new insight into her own Jewish identity. The highlight of Laura’s bat mitzvah experience is not shopping for a dress or the party; it is the courage and maturity she gleans from learning about a Jewish girl her same age in the Holocaust. The book concludes with an author’s note that provides historical information about the Warsaw ghetto, biographies of Jewish resistance fighters in the Ghetto, and true stories of twinning ceremonies. Part of the Holocaust Remembrance series.
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