Jewish Values: Ten Marks and a Train Ticket

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As each of his children and grandchildren turns nine years old, they are told the story of nine-year-old Benno’s escape from Nazi Germany and his eventual survival in England with his older brother as part of the 9600 children saved by the Kindertransport. Benno’s parents and younger brother were killed at Auschwitz. This book, written by his daughters, is based on Benno’s writings and memories from this traumatic period. In clear language, and with historical information and archival photos alongside Benno’s personal story, the authors enable us to emphathize with Benno’s feelings of uncertainty, loneliness, fear, and homesickness as he moves from private home to convent to orphanage and to work at age fourteen. Eventually, he comes to understand his parents’ tremendous sacrifice to save his life. The book, which will have special appeal for boys, includes a glossary, a timeline, and questions for discussion. It is accompanied by a 10-minute DVD featuring comments by Benno and his daughters, material which adds even more to its sense of authenticity. This book is part of B’nai Brith Canada’s “Holocaust & Hope Testimonial Series.”
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