Jewish Values: King in the Field, The

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30 p.
The King in the Field is based a parable of the Ba’al HaTanya, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, founder of the Chabad Hassidic group. Five friends - the farmer, the baker, the blacksmith, the tailor, and the shoemaker - meet in the field and discuss what favors they would request if they were granted an audience with the king. Suddenly they see the king walking in the field. Each man approaches the king with his request and the king answers each one. The parable, written in rhyme that does not always work, is explained on the last page. Hashem is our king and in the month of Elul He is near; therefore, “It’s the best time to ask for a wonderful year!” The full-page color illustrations are beautifully drawn and feel like a fairy tale. This book is recommended for all libraries since there are not many books available that deal with the month of Elul and its significance in the Jewish calendar.
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