Jewish Values: Death in the Air: The Boy Sherlock Holmes, His 2nd Case

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254 p.
This sequel to Eye of the Crow continues an imagined chronicle of Sherlock Holmes’ early years and the beginnings of his detective career. In this volume, Sherlock happens to observe the death of a trapeze artist during a performance at the Crystal Palace. Certain that the man’s fall was no accident, he sets in motion a dangerous investigation which takes him across London in the dead of night, into the lair of criminals. Plausible motivations for Holmes’ future quirky characteristics are offered, from a mentor who teaches him about chemistry, disguise, and martial arts, to a young woman named Irene Doyle who foreshadows his special relationship with Irene Adler. Colorful characters, dramatic action, and fascinating details about aerialism make the book compelling reading. In the first volume, themes of racism and Sherlock’s identity as a half-Jew played a significant role. In the sequel, he is called “Jew-boy” a few times by his nemesis Malefactor, but his personal identity plays no important part in the story.
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