Jewish Values: The Locket: Surviving the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

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160 p.
In this addition to the Enslow Historical Fiction Adventure series, 11-year-old Galena, a Russian-Jewish immigrant, and her activist older sister Anya live with their family in New York in 1911. Through them, young readers can begin to understand the hopes and struggles of the many turn-of-the-century immigrants who flooded this country hoping for a better life. The fictional story is woven seamlessly with factual detail, as it describes the family’s lives and the terrible exploitive conditions at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company where both girls work. A dreadful fire destroys the Triangle factory building, trapping and killing many young women. Galena survives, but is forever changed. Lieurance implies clearly that this disaster will be a watershed event, helping transform America’s industrial future into a struggle to protect workers’ rights through labor unions and collective bargaining. And Galena, drawing on her sister’s example, her Jewish traditions, and her family and friends will join the fight. The Locket has a teacher’s guide available at It contains discussion questions, activities and supplemental reading suggestions and is excellent for both educators and parents to use.
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