Jewish Values: Steven Spielberg: Director of Blockbuster Films

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128 p.
The author presents a man with a dream and a goal, with a passion for his art that he sees as “story telling,” and with Jewish roots and identity maturing from shame to pride. The text quotes Spielberg often; he recounts his fears and feelings about teasing his sisters at home, facing anti-Semitism at school, and standing his ground at work. Details and statistics dominate once Spielberg starts his career, with numbers on everything from cameras to days shooting to expenses to profits to props. The book does an excellent job with his myriad movies, categorized by adventures and adult themes. The Holocaust’s impact on Spielberg connects his youthful interaction with survivors, his Academy Award winning Schindler’s List and his Shoah Foundation. There is bare bones information about Spielberg’s adult personal life (wives and children), entirely appropriate for the targeted age range. Many colored photographs enhance the text. Chronology, filmography, notes, bibliography and index make the volume as useful as it is interesting.
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