Jewish Values: Walls of Cartagena, The

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152 p.
Although the Jewish content is slight, this historical novel embodies Jewish values of social justice and gemilut hasidim. It is set in 1638 in the city of Cartegena, Columbia where slaves mine the precious metals that enrich the Spanish Empire. One of the characters, a Jesuit priest, is based on an actual priest who was made a saint by the Catholic Church. The fast-moving story is narrated by a slave boy who assists the priest as he ministers to the miserable slaves who have been transported to Cartegena. The one Jewish character is a converso doctor who runs the local leper colony. When Calepino, the narrator, becomes involved in an attempt to help some slaves escape, the doctor's role becomes prominent and he is accused by the Inquisition of the "crime" of practicing Judaism. An interesting historical note ends the book, which is adorned with black and white drawings and laced with values.
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