Jewish Values: Mysterious Guests, The

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32 p.
This beautifully illustrated picture book introduces children to the traditional notion that our forefathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are said to visit our succahs “as weary travelers” without revealing their identities every year on Sukkot. The book explains, “If they are welcomed as honored guests, they leave a blessing. If not, they teach a lesson that is not soon forgotten.” This concept is then illustrated with the story of two brothers, Eben and Ezra, one rich and selfish, the other kind and generous. When the patriarchs are treated rudely by Eben in his elaborate and unwelcoming sukkah, the succah rots and fills with toads, worms and other slimy animals. When they are warmly welcomed by Ezra at his humble but generous gathering, his sukkah fruits and flowers turn to silver and gold. In an instructive message for young readers, Eben changes his ways.
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