Jewish Values: Rabbi Rocketpower in Who Hogged the Hallah? A Shabbat Shabang!

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66 p.
The Mensch family are Jewish superheroes. Mom’s a rabbi who flies (“Oy, vay! Up, up and away!) and saves the day with her shofar and yad. Her son Aaron discovers the problems for mom to solve. Dad, a computer scientist, helps out with his weird inventions. Purr is their arrogant talking cat whose escapades provide an excuse for the family to explain Jewish customs and observances. After a witty comic strip opening that introduces the family, the story unfolds: Aliens called Trayfinators, who speak and walk backwards, and do the reverse of what we do as Jews – e.g. they blow out their Shabbat candles – have invaded the Temple’s Oneg Shabbat and are adding ham to the challah and bacon bits to the chocolate chip cookies. With everyone’s help, the Mensch family saves Shabbat.
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