Jewish Values: Trekking Through Time: The World-wise Adventures of Yisrael and Meir

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104 p.
This volume from Artscroll and the Chofetz Chaim Foundation is intended to help children learn the significance of evil speech and its implications. The story follows Yisrael and Meir as they dream a journey through time and space to Europe, Asia and North Africa. In each place, they experience Jewish life during critical moments and spend time in the world of the great Torah commentators. Each place uncovers another aspect of lashon hara and rechilut (gossip) in the world and in their own lives. Each double-page spread is designed like an elementary Talmud page. In the middle is the boys' story in cartoon format. The left side includes an explanation of where they are; a rule from the Chofetz Chaim on proper speech; and an explanation of the rule. At times the delivery feels a bit didactic and the information a bit forced.
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