Jewish Values: Freak II, The: Visions

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128 p.
In the second novel in The Freak series, Jade is once again presented with an opportunity to prevent a crime by using her psychic powers to change fate. This time, one intended victim is her best friend’s mother. Some of the information about Jade’s ability to read minds and predict the future is repeated from the first book in the series, The Freak, so that this work can stand alone. In attempting to understand her special powers, Jade continues to struggle with questions such as “Is this material world an illusion?” and “Is there an unseen universe?” which are fundamental religious issues. Over the course of the story, various explanations are offered, e.g., we create our own reality; unified field theory, humans as energy; reality of thoughts. While a psychic mentions the possibility of reading Kabbalah Tarot cards, there is less Jewish content in this enjoyable, quick-reading novel than in The Freak.
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