Jewish Values: Palestine Mandate and the Creation of Israel, 1920-1949, The

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Readers of The Palestine Mandate and the Creation of Israel will be treated to a clarity of writing rarely seen in social studies series books for pre-college age students. They will also meet with a striving for objectivity that is the hallmark of the discipline of historical writing. From the Ottoman background to World War II’s aftermath, from modern Zionism’s origins to the development of Arab nationalism, the author chronicles the attempts, successes, and setbacks in the effort to satisfy the nationalistic drives of the two nations-- Arab and Jewish-- of Palestine. Trivia is excluded while the essentials of the historical record are told; the glossary and timeline entries are concise and devoid of propaganda. Includes an index, glossary, timeline, short bibliography and list of Internet resources plus maps and archival photographs. Part of The Making of the Middle East series.
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