Jewish Values: How I Learned Geography

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32 p.
The boy and his parents are refugees from war, exiled to a strange land where they endure deprivation and hunger. One day the boy’s father goes out to buy bread, but returns instead with a map. The hungry boy is furious with his father but “The next day, Father hung the map...Our cheerless room was flooded with color.” The boy's spirit and imagination are fed by the map, which allows him to escape his dreary existence for deserts, beaches, mountains, and fruit groves where “I drank fresh water and rested in the shade of palm trees…And so I spent enchanted hours far from our hunger and misery." This is the artist’s experience that leads humans to find nourishment from within. The remarkable illustrations by Uri Shulevitz, the renowned artist who was once that hungry boy, testify to the fruitfulness of his creative imagination. There is no explicit Jewish content.
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