Jewish Values: Hungry Clothes and Other Jewish Folktales, The

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96 p.
Schram retells tales about people and places long ago and far away; about kings and rabbis, clever tricksters and wise women. They impart many values: You must plant trees for your children and grandchildren; you must forgive even when you have been wronged; when you give a gift, always give it with your whole heart. Schram is a storyteller par excellence. Not only does she tell these stories with clarity and charm, but she introduces each story with the appropriate background information. Every story is treated with love and respect—whatever the source or the tradition. At the end of the book, she details her source(s). A helpful glossary also explains non-English words as well as words the reader might not know, such as “dinar” or “mellah”. The design of the book is gorgeous. With the occasional colored border that looks like ancient fabric, as well as muted, slightly surrealistic paintings, this book is not only a pleasure to read, but also a delight to look at again and again.
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