Jewish Values: Mozart Question, The

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71 p.
A famous violinist reveals to a young reporter a life-long secret. The story is of the violinist himself who, as a child, is taught to play his mother’s violin by an old man whom he meets fiddling in a Venetian square. Paolo knows that his parents had both been violinists and that, for reasons they won’t explain, they never play. When he takes his teacher to meet them, they realize that they knew one another long ago, when they all were forced by the Nazis to play in the Auschwitz orchestra. The horror of this experience has caused Paolo’s father to reject music, but he agrees to let his talented son play so long as it isn’t Mozart. Now, with his father gone and his fiftieth birthday concert approaching, Paolo Levi is preparing to play Mozart for the first time in his life. The story is filled with sentiment, coincidence, and a complete silence about the Jewish identity of the prisoners, but it is written lyrically and enhanced by evocative illustrations of Venice and the camp.
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