Jewish Values: Tale of Seven Sheep, A

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67 p.
One message of this cleverly written and stunningly illustrated book is that freedom is not what it’s cracked up to be. Six sheep assert their right to be free of the shepherd when they say, “We’re out of here!” as they hop away from their pen. The seventh sheep, Dasi, repeatedly questions the wisdom of this decision and wonders, “Who will guide and protect us?” Sure enough, a wolf chases them and is not put off by their efforts to fight, persuade, negotiate, ignore, or appeal to fairness. In the end, the shepherd arrives in a distant golden glow. Is the shepherd a metaphor for G-d, our ultimate protector? Some of the jokes/witticisms will go over a child’s head and appeal to an adult reader. While the illustrations are gorgeous, the scene of yellow-eyed, teeth-baring wolves closing in on helpless sheep in a dark forest could be scary to younger children. The book’s length, vocabulary, and message also point toward a slightly older audience.
13: 978-1-93244-372-1;10: 1-93244-372-X.
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