Jewish Values: Story of Giraffe, The

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32 p.
As the rain begins to fall and puddles form, Noah tells Giraffe that in order to come aboard the ark, he must find a girl giraffe and bring her with him. And so begins Giraffe’s search. He begins by looking into a mouse hole and asking a mouse, who is reading a book about cats, if he has seen another giraffe. Elephant, fish, ostrich, kangaroo, camel, and penguin come next, each one on a double-page spread, all offering advice but no girl giraffe. Poor Giraffe, for it looks as though he has missed the boat and is doomed to drown until…. Animal stories for young children have to end happily and this one does, after a bit of nonsensical suspense that is sweetly funny. The short narrative keeps Giraffe’s search at the center and wins readers’ sympathy while the full-page, color illustrations capture the looks of the other animals as well as Giraffe's plight to perfection.
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