Jewish Values: Children's Illustrated Jewish Bible, The. Revised Edition

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192 p.
An earlier version of this collection of Bible stories is entitled The Illustrated Jewish Bible for Children, written by Selina Hastings and published by DK in1997. There are moderate differences between the two editions. First, the new version is more affirmatively Jewish, with references to “the Old Testament” replaced by “Tanakh” and references to “the New Testament” deleted. The narrative voice is proudly Jewish, beginning with the introductory statement: “The Bible is the great holy book of our people, the Jews.” The number of stories included in each version is about the same but the writing in the new one is livelier, with more use of the active voice. The copiously illustrated format, typical of DK publications, is also the same, with some slight re-wording. Historical and other background information to each story is provided for context through the use of text boxes, captioned photographs, and illustrations. Along with a list of biblical people, another of places in the Bible stories, and an index, the new version also includes an audio CD with sixteen of the concisely told stories. While it isn’t essential that the older edition be retired in favor of this one, the revised edition is all-around preferable.
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