Jewish Values: Sarah Laughs

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32 p.
As the story of Sarah’s life with Abraham unfolds, she ages from a young and beautiful girl to a wrinkled old woman filled with joy for the child in her arms. In between, she and her husband are shown as followers of the one God who obey his commandment to leave their home and journey as nomads to the land of Canaan. In most of the vibrant color illustrations, Abraham and Sarah are shown together, often embracing. As they grow older and remain childless, their strong, bright faces become pale and sad and they cling to one another for comfort. At Sarah’s behest, Abraham has a child with her serving maid, but not until the three angels appear and announce that she will have a child does she laugh. Throughout the story, Sarah’s kindness is emphasized and both she and Abraham are portrayed as living, feeling human beings instead of as remote archetypes. The illustrations add a great deal to the story’s appeal; they are graceful, flowing, and full of life. Like the author and illustrator’s previous collaboration, Abraham’s Search for God, this is an appealing and reverent retelling of a Bible story, enhanced with midrashic elements that are cited in an Afterword.
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