Jewish Values: Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah: The Ceremony, the Party, and How the Day Come to Be

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70 p.
Following the trend of updating useful books for young people, here is a new version of a book on Bnei Mitzvah. Bert Metter wrote the first version in 1984, when his own children were preparing. The book begins with the history of Bar Mitzvah. This is followed by an overview of Bat Mitzvah, including both Judith Kaplan's ceremony and the advent of women rabbis. It then discusses the day's events, including the service, the Torah, and the role of the young person. The book continues with the party (both elaborate and quiet celebrations are included). Finally, there are comments and memories from numerous celebrities, including Larry King, Marlee Matlin, and others, who discuss the most memorable aspects of their ceremonies. It is a quick and interesting book that will help prepare pre-Bnei Mitzvah students (4th and 5th graders) for their "Big Day." In particular, it should excite them about the process, and comfort them in the knowledge that others have done it – not all of them perfectly – before them. But it is not a family preparation guide (see Salkin and others for planning tips). Nonetheless, for children who are getting ready to start the journey, this should be a useful addition. It has a bibliography, source notes, and index.
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