Jewish Values: Someone Named Eva

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208 p.
The narrative begins with the Nazi’s violent punitive incursion into Lidice, Czechoslovakia and with the roundup of Milada, the lead character, her family and everyone else in their town, none of them Jews. The men are shipped off but the mothers and children are kept together in a gym. Two white-coated men arrive and begin to make measurements of children estimated to be worthy of retraining as Aryans. These are the children who are shipped to Germany for retraining in the Lebensborn orphanages, that – as depicted in this book--while strict, were quite comfortable schools with food as plentiful as the propaganda and lessons their captive children were fed. The interrelationships among the children, the militant quality of their trainers and the injunction of Milada’s mother that she should never forget who she is helps her to remember that Eva, her new German name, is a sham. At the climax of this engrossing story, based on actual events, Milada/Eva must wrestle with conflicting loyalties and feelings.
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