Jewish Values: God Must Really Love...Opposites!

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14 p.
The board books in this series are similar in format, with each about a different concept. They are written and designed for very young children and impart their concepts simply and colorfully. A refrain runs through them, ending each page of text with a hearty “Good job, God!” The pictures are clear and bright, decorated with foil. The book about numbers goes from one to ten, illustrating the concept with everyday things like one butterfly with two wings on to nine trees with ten peaches. The final page of text recapitulates all of the numbers. The concept of opposites is conveyed by up and down, big and little, fast and slow, hot and cold, and light and dark, again with a summary at the end. All of the books in the series are religiously neutral in point of view and would be fine for Jewish toddlers and preschoolers.
978-1-4169-3357-1; 1-4149-3357-3
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