Jewish Values: Letter on the Wind

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32 p.
Based on a Tunisian folktale called “A Letter to the Almighty,” found in the Israel Folk Archives, this handsomely illustrated book tells the story of a drought-stricken village that has no oil to light the Hanukkah lights. A poor man of faith has the scribe send a letter to the Almighty, asking for enough oil to last all eight nights. A strong wind blows the letter to a rich merchant, who fulfills Hayim’s request because he believes the Almighty has chosen him to do so. Among the gifts he sends is a bejeweled menorah with his name on it. Seeing the menorah, the village scribe thinks Hayim has stolen it and he sends a letter to the rich merchant to find out. The merchant himself visits Hayim and together they are able to assure the villagers that the menorah was a gift from the Almighty, in response to Hayim’s “letter on the wind.” A fluid writing style is enhanced by a book design that pairs rectangular blocks of text and images with the curved, flowing lines and glowing colors of the illustrations. The book’s generous size makes it a good choice for reading aloud to a group.
13: 978-1-932415-74-1; ISBN-10: 1-932415-74-8
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