Jewish Values: Handbook of the Middle East, The. Revised Edition

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The first edition of this essential handbook was published in 2002. It has been substantially up-dated, with coverage including events of 2007. Filling a gap that existed in the first edition, there is now a map of each country inserted into the appropriate chapter. Country-by-country information is followed by a chronology, an encyclopedia consisting of brief entries about people and places, source notes, a selected bibliography of authoritative adult books, a list of websites and books for further reading, and an index. The organization of the two editions remains the same, with a discussion of the Middle East as a region followed by country-by-country information, divided into topics such as geography and people, economy, history (subdivided by period), and politics. The format of the second edition has been slightly changed with the removal of some color photographs that were sprinkled through the first edition, and more white space for greater ease of reading. For thorough, accurate, and unbiased information about countries of the region, there is no better reference work than this one for students in grades 6 – 12 and adults.
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