Jewish Values: Klipfish Code, The

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228 p.
Adults who remember being thrilled reading Marie McSwigan’s Snow Treasure, about the adventures of brave Norwegian children during the Nazi occupation of their country, will be glad to recommend this exciting and suspenseful historical novel to children today. It, too, is about resistance to the Nazis and their increasingly harsh occupation of Norway from 1940 until 1945. Children who are not necessarily fans of historical fiction will enjoy it as an adventure story with clear-cut heroes and villains. There are no Jewish characters so it is not a first purchase for Jewish libraries but it is a good choice for collections that include books about resistance during World War II. An Author’s Note gives historical background, including the fate of Norway’s Jews, and a glossary supplies the definitions of many Norwegian words and phrases that are part of the story.
13: 978-0-618-88393-6; 10-0-618-88393-2
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