Jewish Values: Miracles of the Bible

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32 p.
Josh Hanft’s elegant retellings of Biblical stories and Seymour Chwast’s charming fold-out illustrations – especially a scary Goliath, an enormous whale, and manna falling from Heaven – are featured in the latest installment in a series of “miracle” books, including The Miracle of Hanukkah and The Miracles of Passover. Each one-page tale offers the highlights of a Biblical miracle -- such as Isaac’s birth to Sarah in old age, the parting of the Red Sea, Samson’s strength, Daniel in the lion’s den, etc. – with a quotation and citation from the original. A caution: People and animals are killed in some of the stories. Despite the brevity of the text and the appeal of the illustrations, this book of Bible stories is less appropriate for preschoolers and more appropriate for children in the early primary grades.
10: 1593546173; 13: 978-1593546175
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