Jewish Values: Mezuzah on the Door, A

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32 p.
Noah and his family have moved from a noisy apartment in the city to a quiet house in the suburbs. Noah is lonely and misses the varied noises of his apartment building, especially the clank and clunk when Mrs. Feldman washes the dishes, the sounds of Maya practicing the violin and Mr. Gollis’ loud achoos when he sneezes. Mother decides to have a Hanukkat Habayit celebration, which Noah confuses with the holiday of Hanukkah. His mother explains the difference between the two Jewish celebrations and mother and Noah proceed to the Jewish gift shop where Noah picks out a blue Mezuzah to affix to his doorpost. While Noah looks at the array of mezuzahs, the salesman explains how a mezuzah is made. That night Noah’s friends from the city arrive to celebrate the Hanukkat Habayit. Noah’s mother and father affix the mezuzah to the door and recite the blessing together. Many of the guests kiss the mezuzah on Noah’s door. Noah looks at his mezuzah, thinks about all the friends and family who have touched and kissed it and no longer feels lonely. Young children, especially those who have just experienced a move from one home to another, will relate to this book and might find comfort from it. Janice Fried’s pleasing mixed media (water color, colored pencils, collage, pen and ink, and a scratching technique), softly colored pictures illustrate the text and greatly enhance it.
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