Jewish Values: Castle on Hester Street, The, New Edition

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36 p.
From its first publication by the Jewish Publication Society in 1952, The Castle on Hester Street was a gem. So much so that it was awarded a Sydney Taylor Book Award. The 25th anniversary edition of the book, published by Simon and Schuster, replaces author Linda Heller’s rather charming but dated pastel illustrations with Boris Kulikov’s big, bright, and bouncy ones. They serve the plot well, adding dashes of whimsy and humor that reflect both grandpa’s fanciful reminiscences and grandma’s more realistic ones. Kulikoff is known for his exaggerated proportions and quirky perspectives so he was the perfect choice to illustrate this delightful immigration story that juxtaposes nostalgia with realism. Highly recommended for all libraries serving children in grades 1 – 3, even if the earlier version is in the collection.
13: 978-0-689-87434-5; 10: 0-689-87434-0
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