Jewish Values: What Do You See on Pesach?

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16 p.
Kar-Ben seems to have started a trend when it began publishing Latifa Berry Kropf’s series of early childhood holiday books with Tod Cohen’s enchanting photographs of preschoolers. Feldheim’s What Do You See? by Ruchy Schon, published in 2006, features photos of toddlers dressed to represent various occupations. And now, Judaica Press’s entry into the mix also features photos of toddlers, each matched with a concept related to Passover and some additional photos of the objects associated with the concept. For example, the first double-page spread says: “Pesach is here. What do you see? A house so clean! How can that be?” The child is dressed in denim and objects used to clean the house are shown opposite her: a vacuum cleaner, sponge, broom, paper towels, pail, and mop. The book’s other concepts are food, the Seder table, drinks, clothes, the Haggadah, and the hidden afikomen. The children adorning each one are too adorable for words alone to do justice. Virtually all of the very simple text is in English except for the words kosos (cups), kos shel Eliyahu (Elijah’s cup), Seder, Hagaddah, and afikomen. However, because there is no glossary to explain these terms, this board book will have limited use. The photographs, in color, are bright, clear, and labeled.
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