Jewish Values: Gifts to Treasure

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220 p.
In a little sod house on the prairie lives a family of Jewish immigrants who work hard at homesteading and leading a Jewish life. Each of the three children was given a gift from their grandmother when they left to join Papa in America. Chava, the youngest, is mystified by the meaning of the gift she got. Gifts are frequently on her mind as a year passes and she comes to realize that not all gifts are tangible and not always recognizable at first glimpse. The nearest neighbors are miles away and a Hanukkah menorah made of potatoes doesn’t seem like a substitute for the one lost on the trip from Russia to North Dakota. But all of these things and more that at first appear to be impediments to a happy life turn out to be blessings for Chava’s family and the little Jewish farming community of which they are a part. The tone of the book affirms Jewish values and the plot, with some suspense and setbacks, shows them being practiced gladly, despite the fact that it isn’t always easy. This is the longest of the stories in the Fun-to-Read Book series, allowing for more development of setting, character, and plot. As a Jewish “Little House on the Prairie,” it should appeal to many children in grades 3 – 5.
ISBN-13; 978-1-929628-32-2; ISBN-10: 1-929628-32-3
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