Jewish Values: Sack Full of Feathers, A

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32 p.
A traditional Jewish tale about gossip and lashon hora is given a fresh, new treatment in this vibrant picture book. Graced with bright, dancing acrylic illustrations, it is about a little boy who overhears bits of stories in his father's store and then spreads them among his friends without regard for their truth or for the people in the shtetl whom they might hurt. Observing Yankel, the rabbi decides to teach him a lesson. He gives him a bag of feathers, instructs him to leave one in front of each house, and then to go back and pick them all up. This isn't possible, of course; the feathers have all blown away. While trying to fulfill his mission, Yankel becomes dirty, wet, bruised, and discouraged. "They're gone," he tells the rabbi. "I can't get them back." Over a bowl of hot soup and some tasty rugelach, the rabbi gently explains to Yankel how it is the same with the stories he spreads: "Once you tell a story, you cannot take it back...make sure the next story you tell is your own." On a par with Rothenberg's Yettele's Feathers, this is a welcome addition to Jewish folklore collections. Orca Books, a small publisher, has a winner here.
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