Jewish Values: Across the Alley

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32 p.
Like Michelson's other books of Jewish content, the plot of this story is contrived and not very believable. Also like those other books, it has excellent illustrations. Set in an urban neighborhood where blacks and whites don't mix, it is the story of a friendship between a white boy and a black boy who live across the alley from one another. From the nearness of their bedrooms, Abe teaches Willy how to play the violin and Willy teaches Abe how to pitch. Although these skills are contrary to the wishes of their parents, both boys succeed, bringing the adults along with them in sharing their pride. If readers don't find the premise absurd - that it is possible to learn to play the violin and to pitch "across the alley," secretly, and at night, then they may feel good about the inter-racial harmony that results.
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