Jewish Values: White Ram, The

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32 p.
According to the midrash, a white ram was created by God on the sixth day for the sole purpose of saving the future Abraham from sacrificing his son, Isaac. Residing in the Garden of Eden, the white ram leaves it and travels to the mountain where he will serve as the scapegoat and be sacrificed in Isaac's place. On his way, he is repeatedly tempted to turn aside from his task but he perseveres, fulfills God's will, and saves Isaac. The illustrations that accompany the story are as fanciful and evocative as any that Gerstein has created but a question looms: Who is the book's audience? The biblical story of the Akeda has challenged adult readers for centuries because it explores such difficult issues as child-sacrifice, the persistence of evil, and temptation. Although The White Ram looks as though it would be appropriate for young children, its real audience is for children ages 9 - 12, their parents, and teachers.
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