Jewish Values: Wise Shoemaker of Studena, The

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Yossi the shoemaker is renowned for his good advice so a rich man from Budapest invites him to his daughter's wedding. When Yossi appears in shabby clothes, the man thinks he is a beggar and turns him away. Deciding to teach the man a lesson, Yossi borrows some finery, returns to the wedding, and is welcomed now as the honored guest. When he pours wine into his pants, soup into his boots, and peas into his hat, the guests are appalled and finally his host demands an explanation. Yossi explains that he is feeding his clothes, because they are the reason he was invited, not for himself or his wisdom. Back home in Studena, Yossi tells his wife, "Fools see people's clothes; the wise see their souls." Bright, lively illustrations capture the absurdity of Yossi's actions, which fascinate children and teach a lesson without preaching. A classic picture book.
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