Jewish Values: Cat with the Yellow Star, The: Coming of Age in Terezin

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40 p.
Impeccably documented and abundantly illustrated with photographs and reproductions of artwork by the children of Terezin, this is a memoir of a child who survived. Written with clarity and an emphasis on hope rather than cruelty, it shows how important strong human bonds, dedicated teachers, and art were to sustaining hope. Ela was chosen to play the part of the cat in the children's opera, Brundibar, which was performed many times in Terezin by prisoners, including adult musicians who had performed the opera before the Nazi take-over of Czechoslovakia. Ela and many of her girlfriends reunited after the war and the final part of the book is one of triumph, not tragedy. Readers of Rubin's Fireflies In the Dark: the Story of Friedl Dicker-Brandeis and the Children of Terezin and of Tony Kushner and Maurice Sendak's Brundibar will be especially enchanted by this fine book.
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