Jewish Values: Old Noah's Elephants

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32 p.
A thoroughly charming version of an Israeli folktale, set on Noah's Ark in a time of crisis: the elephants are eating up all of the food and getting so fat that the ark is sinking. Poor Noah appeals to God, who tells him, "Tickle the hyena." It's one of those cryptic heavenly orders that works out in its own way, as animal after animal is affected by it. Finally, a tiny mouse hides from the cat, who is being chased by the dog, in a barrel of cabbages. And, when the elephants lift out a cabbage and see a mouse, what do they do? Run to opposite ends of the art because - ELEPHANTS ARE AFRAID OF MICE! Warren Ludwig's illustrations delight children because of their humor, good nature, and expressiveness - each animal is distinctive and all of the figures invite closer looks; the two elephants' large, wise eyes are especially compelling. A classic folktale that is ideal for reading to young children.
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