Jewish Values: Journey to America

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150 p.
The first in a historical fiction trilogy about the Platt family who flee Germany to make a new life in America. In 1938, with conditions for German Jews worsening, Mr. Platt leaves for America in the middle of the night. The plan is for Mrs. Platt and the three girls to move to Switzerland, under the pretext of going on a vacation, where they will live until Mr. Platt has amassed enough money to send for them. Their train travel to Switzerland is harrowing enough but once there, their money all but runs out and they have to endure living conditions that none of them ever imagined before being able to join Mr. Platt in New York. Told by Lisa, the middle Platt sister, the story is suspenseful and believable. Family relationships are well-portrayed and each of the characters is a distinct individual. Today's readers will empathize with the family's plight and develop respect for the courage required of Jews up-rooted by World War II. The other books in the trilogy are Silver Days and Annie's Promise.
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