Jewish Values: Dolls' Journey to Eretz-Israel, The

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118 p.
Abraham Regelson made aliyah with his family in 1933. His daughter had to leave her beloved dolls behind and they were later sent to her by a friend. Regelson wrote this story for his daughter, publishing it first in serial form in the Friday children's supplement to the Hebrew newspaper, Davar. It was well-received and was published in book form, going through several editions and becoming beloved by a generation of Israeli children. It has now been re-published in Hebrew and English, with a translation by Sharona Regelson Tel-Oren and with its verses translated by Naomi Regelson Bar-Natan. The story is a fanciful one, written in a quaint style that at times resembles biblical prose. The pen and ink illustrations are from earlier editions. Of historical significance, the story will still have appeal to little girls.
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