Jewish Values: Doll With the Yellow Star, The

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90 p.
Claudine is an eight year old French Jewish child with a loving family, a charming home and a new doll, whom she names Violette, who appears to be the same age as Claudine. When the Nazis occupy France, countless hardships and dangers beset the Jews and Claudine especially hates having to wear a yellow star. In fact, she gives Violette the option of not wearing one. When Claudine is evacuated to the United States, she loses her doll and remains in despair for both the doll and her parents. Her father does return and, in a surprise ending, so does Violette, inspiring Claudine to find a new way to be closer to the memory of her mother. An emotionally authentic story with illustrations by the illustrator of the Sydney Taylor award winner, The Peddler's Gift.
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