Jewish Values: Angel Secrets

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68 p.
Like the author's other two books about angels, this is a collection of modern midrash – tales inspired not only by the Bible but also by Ginzberg’s Legends of the Bible, Luzzatto’s The Way of God, and works of Jewish mysticism. They are all embellished by Chaikin’s own fertile spiritual imagination. Envisioning a Heaven that vibrates with God’s holy presence and resounds with love and song, Chaikin populates it with angels of every sort whose purpose is to be active in the affairs of the world: Guardians, Messengers, Earth Walkers, Alphabet angels, Lawyers, Angels of Forgetfulness, and Scribes. Written in a style that is rich with both humor and fanciful imagery, each story is illustrated by one of Leonid Gore’s impressionistic paintings that are similar to those that he created for Sue Alexander’s Behold the Trees (Scholastic, 2001). An author’s note about the stories, an introductory story that sets the stage, and an appended list of sources and references add context and credence to a lovely collection.
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