Jewish Values: Zayda Was a Cowboy

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128 p.
An engaging yarn about a young Jewish boy from Russia who walks and works his way across Europe to escape the Czar's army, takes a ship to Galveston, Texas, and becomes a real cowboy, with a ten gallon hat, chaps, spurs, lariat, gun, and horse! Zayda's adventures on a Texas cattle ranch, told to his grandchildren, are filled with vivid, concrete details and enough novelty to keep the plot moving. The real charm of the story is listening to Zayda tell it. Seldom does a written narrative capture human speech so well and seldom does narrative syle establish character as effectively as this does. Each chapter stresses a separate aspect of Zayda's life as a cowboy and a strong sense of Jewish identity permeates the entire story. Winner of the 1999 Sydney Taylor Manuscript Award and not to be missed.
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