Jewish Values: Daniel, Half Human, and the Good Nazi

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298 p.
A powerful novel told through flashbacks from 1945 to the 1930's in Hamburg, Germany. Daniel and his best friend, Armin, are schoolboys who support the Nazis until Daniel finds out, to his horror, that he is what the Nazis call a "mischling" or "mongrel" because his mother was born a Jew. As life for Jews deteriorates, so does life as Daniel has known it. His feelings, his school experiences, his family's anguish, his friend Armin's divided loyalties are all skillfully developed in a thought provoking story that begs for discussion. Written for about the same age range as Jerry Spinelli's Milkweed, this has more of an emotional impact because it presents readers with moral choices instead of numbing them, as Milkweed does, with the sheer absurdity of existance. Translated from the German by Doris Orgel.
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