Jewish Values: Underground Reporters, The

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156 p.
Turning her attention once again to the Holocaust, Kathy Kacer has taken a minor event and written an entire book about it, much like Susan Goldman Rubin did with Searching for Anne Frank: Letters from Amsterdam to Iowa. For children avid to read more and more about the Holocaust, this is about a group of young Jews in a Czechoslovakian town who published a newspaper under the very eyes of the Nazis. The newspaper, entitled Klepy or "gossip" in Czech, increased in length and content through its 22 issues; it ceased publication when most of the Jews of the town were deported to Terezin, where only two of the children mentioned in the book survived. Kacer based her book on events related to her by a survivor. Illustrated with photographs and maps, this is a minor, although absorbing, addition to Holocaust literature.
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