Jewish Values: Dad Runs Away With the Circus

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Like a few other books in the Valuesfinder database - Perfect Purple Feather by Piven, Where Is? by Bergman, and The Key to My Heart by Harel - this has no Jewish content but is included because it was written originally in Hebrew by an Israeli. The story is full of quirky humor, about a madcap father and his sensible family. As the title suggests, Dad runs away with the circus when it comes to town and sends postcards to his bemused children regaling them with his exploits. When the circus returns to town, Dad returns to the family and life returns to normal - "Well, almost..." as his son observes, with a picture of a backyard barbecue joined by a monkey and an elephant and all of the family members performing circus tricks. The humor is sophisticated and may be over the heads of very young children. The illustrations are distinctive, with small touches adding to the mood.
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