Jewish Values: Confused Hanukkah, A

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40 p.
An original Chelm story that cleverly uses elements of the traditional tales to satirize Jews who imitate Gentiles. This may be over the heads of younger children but the story itself and wonderful illustrations will have great appeal. The Chelmites have forgotten how to celebrate Hanukkah and their rabbi is no where to be found. So they send guileless Yossel on a quest to find out. Instead of traveling to the nearest town, Yossel winds up in a big city whose residents show and tell him all about "how to celebrate the coming holiday." Delivered faithfully back to Chelm, these instructions transform the holiday and Hanukkah soon takes the form of a large, decorated tree and a jolly, fat man in a blue suit shouting "Oy, oy, oy, Happy Hanukkah." A little boy points out that this doesn't seem right and the return of the rabbi allows things to be set straight. Funny, clever, and a refreshing addition to Hanukkah picture books.
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