Jewish Values: Keeping the Promise: A Torah's Journey

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32 p.
A fictionalized and illustrated account of the little Torah that was taken aboard the space shuttle Columbia by Israeli astronaut, Ilan Ramon. The focus is on Rabbi Jacob Dasberg of the Netherlands, who secretly took the little Torah with him when he was deported by the Nazis to Bergen-Belsen. Rabbi Dasberg used the Torah to tutor a boy in his barracks for his Bar Mitzvah, afterwards giving the Torah to the boy. That boy escaped and later, in Israel, gave the Torah to Ramon to take into space, telling its story to the world. Compared to the book for the same age group, entitled Reach for the Stars: A Little Torah's Journey by Sylvia Rouss, this concentrates on the Bar Mitzvah and the central figures in that part of the little Torah's journey.
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